Surrogate Mother Addicted To Pregnancy Needs Major Therapy

addicted to pregnancyJill Hawkins is a surrogate mother addicted to pregnancy. The 47-year-old British woman is single and childless, and she devotes much of her life to birthing babies for infertile couples. In fact, she has so far given birth to eight babies and get this she is currently expecting twins.

Now, let me put it out there that I think surrogacy is a beautiful thing. It is truly a blessing to countless women who themselves cannot conceive or carry a baby to term. And while there are many unique circumstances and reasons why a woman would choose to act as surrogate, I think it’s fair to say that she’s providing others with the greatest gift imaginable. That said, I can’t imagine anyone at this point choosing Jill Hawkins to carry their child. Why? Because this woman is addicted to pregnancy, and she needs help.

According to reports, Hawkins who is being paid around $18,000 for her pregnancy had complications with her eight surrogate child. She promised herself she would never get pregnant again that is, until her need to carry another child took over. As Hawkins carries around these twins (she’s due in August), she feels what she calls a “permanent pain” in her head. She’s also on bed rest. Fortunately, ultrasounds show that the babies are healthy, though I’m not so sure about Hawkins.

For starters, Hawkins is determined to have two more babies before her 50th birthday. Then, on top of her physical ailments, there’s her personal life and psychological issues. While pregs with her first surrogate child, Hawkins lied to her bosses she works as a legal secretary and created a fake boyfriend (the child’s father), then later told them that the baby had passed away. She was soon diagnosed with depression and, at one point, attempted suicide. She has also admitted that she’s given up on dating and looking for love because she’d rather be a surrogate instead.

To be sure, this is heavy stuff, and extremely sad. What surprises me, though, is that Hawkins went on to carry nine more children despite her mental health issues. Karen Synesiou, director of the Center for Surrogate Parenting, told ABC News that even three pregnancies for one surrogate is a lot. “I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams why anyone has a psychological reason for doing this eight, nine, 10 times,” she said. “We begin to ask significant questions. Is she a healthy person psychologically?”

In the first of her seven pregnancies as a surrogate, Hawkins used her own eggs and sperm from the fathers. But for this one, she had IVF. “I just decided to go for it again. I find being pregnant very fulfilling,” she told The Daily Mail. “I’m a naturally giving person and to be able to give babies away is what I do.”

As for why she has never had babies of her own, Hawkins explained, “I never want to keep them. I am not maternal and very selfish.”

People think I’m mad, but  my friends are not surprised  anymore.”


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