Lady Goes to Hospital Expecting to Pass Kidney Stone, but the Stone Turned Out to be a Baby

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(Surprise! Not a kidney stone. Via Facebook/Michael Jaegers)

There are few things that will annoy a woman as much as someone asking when she’s due when she isn’t even pregnant, so Georgia mother Stephanie Jaegers shot what she thought was a well-deserved “evil look” at a medical technician last week when she went to the hospital for kidney stones and someone asked how far along her pregnancy was.

Feeling a bit crabby about the mistake and also in intense stomach pain, Jaegers glared at the technician and said that she was not pregnant and was even having her period at that moment.

Except it turns out she was. The doctor ordered an ultrasound and there, on the screen, was a full-term fetus ready for delivery within the hour.

“I was pretty much in shock,” Jaegers said to CNN.

This isn’t even like one of those “surprise pregnancy” stories where an inexperienced 18-year-old doesn’t know how sex works and is stunned to find out a person can get pregnant if she only has sex while it’s raining. Jaegers is no blushing ingenue; she had three kids at home and knew as well as anybody what the signs of pregnancy look and feel like. Her oldest child is 16 and her youngest was only 2, so it wasn’t even that long ago that she was last pregnant. But this last baby turned out to be really good at hide-and-seek.

Jaegers had been diagnosed as premenopausal a year earlier and told that her childbearing years were over. This last fetus also was riding high up under her ribcage, all tucked in on himself so she never really developed a “protruding pregnant belly.” On top of that, she continued menstruating off and on throughout the pregnancy. She says she felt bloated and tired, but everyone feels like that sometimes.

“We were asking the same question. We’ve been called stupid and dumb and ignorant, but until it happens to you, you can’t really grasp it,” Jaegers’ husband, Michael, said to CNN. “She knows the symptoms; she knows the signs. There were zero. It was a miracle.”

Jaegers and her husband were understandably panicked when they heard about the new baby, because they hadn’t been taking any of the normal pregnancy precautions. Jaegers had an X-ray for a broken ankle, had been riding roller coasters, and hadn’t been watching her diet. But the new baby turned out to be perfectly healthy at 7 pounds 3 ounces. They named him Shaun, and everybody is pretty excited to have him. He’s definitely way cuter than a kidney stone.