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Surprising A Pregnant Lady With A Baby Shower Is The Most Terrible Idea

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There are a number of etiquette rules that surround the average baby shower, but I think we can all agree on one thing: Surprising a pregnant lady with a baby shower in her honor is the worst idea of all time.

But why, you say? What’s the big deal with being the nicest person ever and planning a surprise party for your friend as a form of congratulations? If you have never been pregnant before, a surprise party for a pregnant woman may not seem like a big DILL. Or, perhaps you are a nice, kind, gentle pregnant lady, and none of the rules apply to you either.

I know that the stereotype of a hormonal pregnant monster is not always the case, and it is often not appreciated by pregnant women. But I can only speak to my experience. I had a fairly decent time when I was pregnant, but yes, I was more emotional and exhausted and frustrated than usual. For some reason, I had unexplainable bouts of rage, which I can only assume were triggered by pregnancy hormones.

In my humble opinion, there are many things to understand about the pregnant lady. Pregnant ladies tire easily. Pregnant ladies need to eat and nap often, if they are afforded the opportunity and don’t have other kids to take care of. Pregnant ladies may cry at the drop of a hat.

Again, I know some women don’t appreciate these stereotypes, but they were all true for ME. Oh, were they true. I can’t think of anyone in my life who would have thrown me a surprise baby shower, and I would not have been an ungrateful jerk if they did. But in this hypothetical situation, I would rather be privy to the information and at least know that I would be spending an afternoon with dozens of friends and family in an impromptu celebration.

Online baby shower etiquette rules dictate that you should only throw a surprise shower for a pregnant woman if you know for certain that she would enjoy it. I guess if your pregnant friend says to you, I WOULD LOVE TO BE SURPRISED AND PEE MY PANTS WHILE PREGNANT, you should definitely do it. Surprise the shit out of her and pray that her tiny pregnant bladder can’t take it.

For the rest of the pregnant women out there, I’m going to assume that a regular shower with traditional planning is the best bet. Pregnancy is an unpredictable time for many women, myself especially. It’s not the right time to surprise an emotional pregnant chick with a grand gesture when a regular party will do just fine.

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