Suri’s Little Woman-ness Confirmed With Coffee Cup, Spectacular Manicure, And Lipstick

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Suri CruiseLittle Suri Cruise gets a lot of flack. If it’s not her high heels, it’s that bright red lipstick that has everyone concerned. And given the tabloid’s obsession with the 6-year-old, it’s only a matter of time before the press starts grotesquely picking apart her body along with her wardrobe choices. But despite whatever narrative Us Weekly and the like wants to spin about Suri being a little fashionista or a diva, a recent photo of the little girl does confirm that she’s definitely not your average child.

With a baby doll in one hand and perhaps a babyccino in the other, Suri is off running those kindergarten errands with a spectacular floral manicure. Put in her some skinny jeans to match those silver flats and she could very well be an actress evading the pap, the larger man with the Blackberry behind her perhaps a bodyguard. Nothing announces ladyhood like a latte, a mani/pedi, and some bright red lipstick.

Suri may be a child, but that downward stare of determination as she balances her beverage conveys more than her mere six years. Granted, in her case, that’s six years of recognizing and eluding the men and women with big zoom lenses. Just another instance of kids growing up quickly in that Hollywood limelight, I suppose.