Shocking! A Supermodel Does A Naked Photo Shoot Months After Giving Birth!

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Alessandra AmbrosioYou guys are never going to believe what happened. Alessandra Ambrosio, well known angel of Victoria’s Secret and professional pretty person, recently had a child. Like any good supermodel, she celebrated her pregnancy by taking naked pictures, a staple in celebrity mommyhood. Now, the lady who was skinny and beautiful while carrying another human being in her abdomen is demonstrating that she’s still skinny and beautiful post-baby with another nude photo shoot.

That’s right, a mere four months after giving birth to her son Noah, Ambrosio is stripping down for a sandy beach photo shoot with the magazine Made In Brazil.

So what’s the supermodel’s post-baby weight loss secret? I’m sure you’re wondering because no one could guess that she lost a lot of weight quickly by working out like a mad woman, given that staying skinny is her job. Ambrosio gives the juicy, completely unpredictable details to Us Weekly:

“This time I didn’t really gain a lot of weight. I was actually trying to be as healthy as I could. The first time I gained a lot of weight and it was hard to lose it.”

So, aside from not gaining weight to begin with, what else did Ambrosio do? Exactly what you would expect. She breastfed and chases her little ones around and walks along the beach. Throw in a little Pilates and SoulCycle and you’ve got a bikini ready body, my friends. It’s so easy, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Unfortunately, Alessandra isn’t the first to impress us with her quick nude photo shoot post-baby to prove that she’s still sexy. These things have become obligatory, especially for models hoping to maintain their sexy reputations. Just ask Miranda Kerr.

Of course I’m happy for Alessandra Ambrosio. Yay that she can get back to work and she feels healthy and confident. I’m just wondering when we’ll stop looking at a celebrity mother’s weight loss and pretending it has any relevance for real women.

(Photo: Made In Brazil)