Supergirl Stuntwoman Jessie Graff Just Took the Best Red-Carpet Photo of All Time

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Last night was the 68th annual Emmy Awards, and there was a lot of cool news coming out of it. Tatyana Maslany finally won the Best Actress Emmy she so richly deserves for playing like 17 completely different people on Orphan Black. Kerry Washington is pregnant again, and nobody does red-carpet maternity dressing like Kerry Washington. But while all that was going on, stuntwoman and probably real-life superhero Jessie Graff took the best red carpet photo of all time.

Graff is a martial artist (she’s trained in seven different styles and has black belts in Tae Kwon Do and a black sash in Kung Fu), pole vaulter, and gymnast. She also has a degree in aerospace engineering. She is probably most famous for going on American Ninja Warrior and doing this:


While walking the red carpet at last night’s Emmys, Graff wore a spectacular red dress, and when photographers told her to strike a pose, she did so.

On her Facebook page, Graff thanked her stylists, especially the fashion stylist who let her run and kick in all the gowns to “test all the dresses for function and stuntability.”

That’s a big call, too! I don’t think Lagerfeld would let you do that in one of his dresses.

Graff says she is basically always prepared to do stuff like this. She makes sure she could do stunts in all her clothes, including red carpet gowns, and she has her stylist provide shorts to wear under the dresses, because she knows she might feel compelled to kick things and flip over things. She even did a back handspring in this gown last night.

I feel like I need to choose all my clothes this way from now on. I mean, I can’t do a back handspring anyway, but it might be nice to pretend like I could.