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TGI Friday Open Thread: How Are You Getting Your Superbowl On Plus This Week’s Question From Julia

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165516765I love the Superbowl! I love the commercials and the food and the booze. Also, I don’t hate football but I have no dog in this fight so let’s talk about food instead.

Are you going to watch the game? If so, are you going somewhere or are you having a party at your place? If so, what are you making because.. food.

I’ll prepare and buy a mess of yummy stuff including wings (sorry vegans) and we will flip between the game and the PUPPY BOWL because PUPPIES and even my kids get into it because it’s just a fun time where we all hang out together.

If you loathe Superbowl Sunday what are you doing instead?

Please include food information. This is where you give me all of your fabulous dip recipes.

Plus, Julia has a very important question this week for all of you readers:

“What the most fucked up thing your kid has ever said?”

I’ll start. I’m not sure this qualifies as F’d up, but once at dinner my middle son, who was about six at the time, was asking questions like “Who is God?” and my daughter, who was about four, interrupted and said: “A WIZARD GOD IS A DEAD WIZARD.”

I have no idea where she got that from, but it sort of works.

OK, so food and fucked up kid exclamations. Go Go Go Go. OH and also, if you could, I am begging here, LIKE us on Facebook, and make your friends LIKE us too, because you guys are so cool and your friends must be cool so you know. Thank you!

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