10 Super Easy April Fools’ Pranks That Will Make You The Cool Parent

mom laughing with daughterIf you completely forgot that tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. There’s no need to do anything elaborate to make the day special.These super easy pranks are sure you make your kids smile but aren’t messy, come together in minutes and can be done using things you already have laying around the house. Being the fun parent has never been easier.


1. Getting dressed switcharoo. From Texas Monkey comes the super simple idea of switching the drawers on your child’s dresser so that when they go to look for socks they find their tops or vice versa.

2. Fun with food coloring. Add a couple red drops to the milk in your child’s cereal, or tint mashed potatoes for dinner blue,just try to keep a straight face for as long as possible.

3. Make brown E’s. Grab a piece of brown construction paper you know you have because no one ever uses that color, and cut out some E’s, then put in a foiled cover pan and tell your kids you make brownies. Note- If your children are prone to dramatics and don’t do well with disappointment, you may want to have actual brownies waiting in the wings.

4. Spider on the toilet paper. Technically a Halloween gag, but this would totally work for April Fool’s day as well. Use a black marker or gel pen to doodle an arachnid on the toilet paper and get ready for some early morning shrieking.

5. Watchful food. Have some left over googly eyes in your craft supplies? Stick them on anything- a sandwich wrapper, a gallon of milk and wait for the reaction.

6. Broken remote control. Stick a piece of tape over the censor on the remote control and watch the confusion unfold. You might want to do this one with kids that are old enough to puzzle out the problem on their own or change the channel themselves, otherwise jokes on you. Bonus: Once your kids figure out the gag, you can get them in on it and do it again to prank your partner.

7. Sweet eggs for breakfast. Vanilla yogurt topped with half of a cling peach looks just like a sunny side up egg, but tastes better.

8. Undrinkable juice. Pour jello into your child’s usually morning cup and let it solidify overnight, then offer them “juice” tomorrow. Add a straw for confusion effect.

9. “Ruin” a phone or laptop.  Pour a thin layer of school glue onto a piece of wax paper and let harden. Remove the paper and drape the glue over a smart phone or keyboard with the bottle of glue nearby, then enjoy the look of shock on your teen’s face.

10. Turn your refrigerator into and M&M dispenser. Originally the most epic Father’s Day joke I’ve ever seen, farleyfamily.net came up with the idea of putting M&M’s into the ice chamber so a cup fills with candy instead of ice cubes. This would work just as well for April Fools’ Day, or any other day come to think of it, and the candy possibilities are endless.

(image: Alliance/Shutterstock.com)

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