Here Are the Best and Worst Commercials From Super Bowl 2018

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Full disclosure: I’m not a huge football fan. My ex got football in the divorce, and I was more than happy to part with it. But, that being said, I will watch the hell out of the Super Bowl and cheer on the underdog (GO EAGLES!). Obviously, the best part of Super Bowl Sunday are the commercials. Companies go hog-wild to create the most memorable ad of the day, and there were plenty last night that did not disappoint. And, a few that did. These Super Bowl commercials made us laugh, cry, yell at the TV, and some of them left us scratching our heads.

The best Super Bowl commercials, in my opinion, make you sort of forget you’re even watching a commercial.

The Alexa commercial was brilliant in this regard.

Gordon Ramsey yelling at a guy in his 30’s who wants to make a grilled cheese? Cardi B rapping? Anthony Hopkins petting a peacock? Yes please, yes to all of that. The only thing that could make this better is if Amazon offered those voices as an Alexa add-on.

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