Watch Kids Sing About Being Conceived In This WTF Super Bowl Ad


Last night was a weird, weird day for Super Bowl ads. I’m still repressing the memory of Mountain Dew’s horrible CGI Puppy Monkey Baby, which is basically what would happen if Dr. Moreau decided to graft the head of a pug and the arms of a monkey onto the lower half of the dancing baby from Ally McBeal and then made it endorse energy drinks.

But one ad that straddles that very difficult line between cute, funny, and “WTF?” is from the NFL itself, which assembled a choir of “Super Bowl Babies” — ostensibly children conceived by parents celebrating their team’s victory in the Super Bowl. These choirs of small children sing a song about their parents having sex, and it’s set to the tune of Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose,” and it’s just really, really weird.

“We were all just little twinkles twinkling in our daddies’ eyes,” the kids sing.

“Then at last, when nine months past, they welcomed to the world us newborn boys and girls”

The choirs are all divided by year, and a few of them are from as far back as the 70s. They got bigger turnouts for the more recent ones, though, so the ad is mostly full of small children singing to Seal without appearing to know what they’re singing about.

The kids from Super Bowl 1993 are pretty funny, because they’re old enough to be in on it and they’re grinning and it’s weird, but not “very small children singing about their parents having sex” weird, y’know.

And then Seal is there. Like, actual Seal. There he is with all these children’s choirs, being all handsome and smooth and singing with his beautiful voice along with this parody of his song.

It’s kind of weird, but it needs to be shared, because it is weird and cute and funny, and mostly because I don’t want to be the only person stuck humming “Kiss From a Rose” for the rest of the week.

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