Get Your Man Looking Fresh With Style Trends For Him In 2019

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When it comes to style and fashion, we’ve got ourselves covered, right? From nail trends to what’s new in hair, we tend to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings. Sometimes we’re even brave enough to try a new trend! As long as it’s not too crazy, we mean. After all, we still love and live in our Target jeggings, we’re not going to gracing the cover of any fashion mags anytime soon. But when it comes to our men, style and fashion probably aren’t high on their list of priorities! Some jeans and boots and a few t-shirts and they are set. If you’re hoping to jazz up your man’s wardrobe in 2019, check out these style trends for men on Pinterest. There just might be something you can convince him to try!

From accessories to sartorial upgrades, style trends for men in 2019 are looking good.

Move over, Apple Watch – it’s all about the vintage timepieces for men in 2019. People are searching places like Pinterest for vintage watches for that classic yet cool look. 2019 also seems to the year for accessories for men! Sure, it was funny when Joey carried a “murse” on Friends, but a stylish sling bag is a great way for guys to haul their stuff around (searches for sling bags are up 1184%!). And let’s not forget about function and comfort: neck scarves keep those necks warm and pull together any outfit.

What’s going to be hot in men’s clothing? According to Pinterest’s style trends for men, patterns and texture!

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Let’s just call it now: 2019 is going to the year of corduroy. This versatile textile will be everywhere, from comfy weekend pants to stylish blazers. Speaking of pants, men have some pretty cool stuff to look forward to in 2019. Put that dark denim away, because it’s all about the light wash (searches for light wash denim are up 79% on Pinterest). And while boot-cut jeans appear to be making a comeback, we’re betting on a different style trend for men: cropped trousers. Let’s see some sexy ankle, guys!

Finally, when it comes to patterns, 2019 is all about living loud. Mismatched prints, from plaid with polka dots to stripes with florals, will give your guy just the right amount of style. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, do it for fashion!

So what say you: do you think you can get your man to try any of these style trends for men in 2019?