Chances Are Your Baby Will Be On Facebook Within An Hour Of Being Born

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shutterstock_84074929__1377688785_74.134.205.46Excellent news for all of us raging STFU Parents fans! A new study has revealed that babies usually have their first photo and update posted to social media within an hour of being born. I don’t know about you guys, but when I was birthin’ babies I didn’t even have a Facebook account. I think I was too busy trying to learn how to breastfeed and demanding cold beverages to alert my loved ones via Email so my husband called everyone to tell them the news. But now parents are more apt to post pictures on Facebook or Instagram to announce their new bundles of joy. From The Daily Mail:

More than two-thirds of newborns now appear online within 60 minutes, while the birth of Prince George encouraged 74 per cent of parents to increase the amount of baby and children snaps they uploaded, according to research.

Parents were asked how soon it was after their child was born that an image appeared on social media, and the average time period was 57.9 minutes.

When questioned on who specifically uploaded these images, only 62 per cent of parents acknowledged they did it themselves, with other family members (22 per cent) and friends (16 per cent) responsible for posting the remaining images. The most popular outlets for displaying these images were Facebook (77 per cent), Instagram (48 per cent) and Flickr (32 per cent).

Now that social media is pretty much the norm for most people – even your parents probably have a Facebook account, it makes me wonder how our kids will share their lives with friends and family. Will our grandkids be announced in some even more advanced social media platform where people just – I don’t know- think something and their accounts are updated? Will we have flying cars? I always thought we would have flying cars and like home robots by now.

Please say it will be by robots posting these updates! And by “robots” I don’t mean like voice-recognition or something. I mean like actual Lost In Space Jetson‘s Rosie-esque robots.

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