Science Thinks Parents Are Dumb And Is Telling Us Stuff We Already Know – Hitting Kids Is Bad

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shutterstock_50912479__1373882812_74.134.205.46Science, we all love you but we are waiting for you to tell us something we don’t already know! Come on Science, give us some zero-calorie candy or a way to live to be 500-years-old instead of news that any parent with any shred of common sense could tell you. Science don’t care so instead it is telling us stuff the majority of us know instinctively, that (wait for it) …

Children who are punished through pushing, shoving and slapping are more likely to be obese and have other health problems when they grow up, a new study suggests.


Thank you Reuters Health. I think this is just so obvious, of course if you are going to slap or shove your kid when they grow up they may have depression or other problems associated with it. DUH, SCIENCE.

About 1,300 people reported being physically punished at least “sometimes” without more extreme physical or emotional abuse or neglect. Compared to people who weren’t punished physically as children, they were more likely to have been diagnosed with at least one chronic health condition.

Specifically, those participants were 25 percent more likely to have arthritis and 28 percent more likely to have cardiovascular disease – though the second finding could have been due to chance, the researchers wrote Monday in Pediatrics.

So according to the article, science is telling us that if you hit or shove your kids when they are young, the regulation of stress hormones coupled with other behaviors that children who are abused tend to engage in (later risk taking behaviors, sleep issues, plus physical ramification of being hit) may then cause problems for them later in life that lead to things such as obesity and cardiovascular health issues. Didn’t we all know this? If you want a child to grow up and have greater chances of being a healthy (mentally and physically) human, you don’t hit them. That’s sort of Parenting 101.

I think it’s obvious that children who suffer from consistent or severe abuse will tend to have more problems than a child who is spanked on occasion. I never took either risk with my own kids because I have just never believed in anything physical as a form of discipline. I know a lot of parents think spanking is fine or they have no issue in shoving a kid who is misbehaving, but that was never my own personal parenting method. When our good friend Science discovers giving time outs or taking away Nintendo time leads to huge issues in adulthood I will probably be totally screwed.

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