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Study Finds That More Kids Means Better Work Productivity, So Start Cranking ‘Em Out

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working moms more productive study 11-1-14

Working moms everywhere can breathe a little easier now, as a recent study has concluded that women with kids are more productive at work compared to their “childless peers.” So stop feeling guilty and start celebrating the fact that the little humans you’ve created, housed, clothed, fed, and gone insane over are actually making you better at your job! Huzzah!

Research conducted by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (okay, that’s weird) found that over the course of a 30-year career, mothers outperformed women without children at almost every stage of the game. Even crazier news: moms with at least two kids were the most productive of all. Actually, it’s not really that crazy. If you can juggle your own life + the lives of entirely dependent children, you’ve clearly already mastered being bad-ass. It’s no surprise that bad-assery crosses over into your career.

The study found that within the first five years of their career, women who never have children substantially underperform those who do. In addition to the aforementioned bad-assery, I’m also assuming this may have something to do with a subconscious, psychological shift in thinking, because the lives of your children also kinda depend on you performing well and maintaining employment. It’s like a survival-mode thing, I suppose. This also explains why I am constantly amazed by all the mothers I work with who are awesome at their jobs and still find time to be super close with their kids.

Mothers of little kids and mothers of teenagers have one thing in common: the ages of your children at these stages actually causes a dip in work productivity. Which basically just affirms everything my parents have told me my entire life: “babies are hard and teenagers are the worst.” (I kid, I kid.)

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