Let’s Clutch Our Pearls Over These 400 Students Getting Crunk And Twerking On Police Cars

riots in bellingham__1381745646_74.134.205.46I’m officially old because at one point in my life I probably would have responded to news like this by thinking Oh, these kids are okay, they were just having fun and blowing off steam and now my reaction is that they should all spend a night in jail and have to do community service. Police had to use pepper spray to disperse a crowd of about 400 drunk and disorderly college students in Washington State who were throwing glass bottles, lawn chairs and cinder blocks at police officers. This wasn’t just some banger that got out of hand, these kids were rioting and ended up injuring people and according to the Bellingham Herald, several vehicles were taken out of service with several thousand dollars in damage.  A city bus and private property were also damaged by the thrown objects.

I get that college can be stressful for kids and they want to party on weekends to blow off steam, but this wasn’t partying, this was drunken rioting. I don’t know how you guys behaved in college, but when I was that age (a gazillion years ago) our greatest  concern was having a party busted by the cops, and I always had a big fear of getting in trouble with law enforcement in the back of my thoughts. My parents would have killed me. It’s isn’t like these students were protesting police brutality over a recent incident or staging a riot against campus sexual assaults, they were just acting like disorderly students, on a much larger scale. It’s pretty absurd to think of all of the real issues cops have to deal with on a daily basis, stopping crimes like rapes and murders and robberies, and here they had to deal with a bunch of drunk kids twerking on their police cars.

I suppose one of the good aspects of this story is that in this day and age of social media a mess of the participants decided to post photographs all over online, and law enforcement will be using that evidence to find the perpetrators. WWU President Bruce Shepard issued a statement that said ”Public safety officers will be reviewing surveillance videos and criminal charges may then follow. Should any of our students be found to have engaged in lawless and destructive behavior, they have no place at Western.”

According to the news report, some students helped with the cleanup after the rioting.

I’m so not looking forward to my eldest going off to college. If he ever pulled a stunt like this I would twerk him right down to the police station.

(Photo: Instagram)

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