Students Posting Snaps Of Sad Lunch Shows Michelle Obama Needs To Revisit Her Lunch Initiative

I’m a fan of Michelle Obama and her almost 600 dollars sneakers. I love FLOTUS, even though just like every other rich person in the US she seems to be a bit out of touch as what life is like for us normal non-presidential people. Including her initiative to re-vamp school lunches in hopes of combatting childhood obesity. I’m not the only one who feels this way, because sad students are posting snaps of their sad lunches on social media and blaming Mrs. Obama.








Listen, I watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I watched in horror as we saw the garbage food that schools were feeding our children during the day. I agree that school lunches need to be healthier and include more fresh fruit and vegetables because kids sort of need these things to grow. But what these initiatives fail to realize is that for many families, one in five of them with children are not getting enough food to eat, and school lunches are their main meal of the day. Judging by the photographs above, if this is what constitutes a “healthy lunch” then these kids are not only not getting enough to eat, but the selection is sorely lacking.

My kids bring their lunches. But on occasion I am super lazy or they want to eat at school or I don’t have the right food to pack at home. When they eat at school, they come home and eat every damn food item in my house. I can’t even imagine what this is like for kids who don’t get a healthy breakfast in the morning.

I’m all for kids lunch’s being healthier, but I don’t think this is what Mrs. Obama had in mind. If kids can’t have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and hearty, healthy, items, I would rather they eat a whole mess of french fries and sloppy joes so their little tummies aren’t growling all throughout the day.

(Images: twitter)


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