Teacher Has Contractions, Students Snaps Glorious Selfie, And The World Freaks The Freak Out

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Boy oh boy is there some feigned moral outrage over Malik Whiter taking a selfie while his high school teacher was having contractions. Susana Halleck, who is seven months pregnant, was having false contractions and was in a lot of pain and on the phone with her sister when Malik asked her to smile. She obviously ignored him, and Malik took the snap anyway and posted it to his Twitter account, where it quickly went viral.

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I don’t think this kid who have taken this snap if his teacher were bleeding or unconscious or if everyone was in some giant panic. Sure, he is kinda a jerk for doing it but newsflash, teenagers ARE jerks. They are inappropriate and goofy and dumb. Big deal, he took a picture at not the most appropriate time but I bet now that the teacher is okay she is probably pretty amused by it too. Besides, we don’t know what happened before or after the photo was snapped, maybe she was joking around with him or maybe they have the type of relationship where they tease each other. A lot of the commenters on the NY Daily News article do not like Malik, they do not like him one little bit!

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Lolwhut? I have no clue what Jerry Lewis has to do with anything.

I think before people start pitching such a monumental fit over this and wringing their hands in feigned moral outrage they should wait and see what he teacher has to say. Was it not the best time? Yes. Does it mean Malik is some terrible human being? No. He is just a dumb teen, with a million watt smile who I’m sure is a nice kid.

According to the Miami New Times, Susana isn’t expected to deliver until December 15. I wish her the very best for a wonderful delivery, but I hope she doesn’t invite Malik to the labor. I can’t even imagine the photo ops he would find there.

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