Yet Another Female Student Sent Home For ‘Inappropriate’ Clothing That Is Not At All Inappropriate

Aren’t we all getting tired of hearing about young girls missing out on a day of education for wearing something “inappropriate”? I don’t fault schools for having dress codes but I do fault them for being overly harsh to the detriment of a student’s learning and self-esteem. This time, we have an “offense” so mild I can’t believe an administrator bothered sending her home. If this girl’s outfit is inappropriate, then I should never be seen in public because it’s something I wear all the time.

Here is the offending ensemble, as reported by Bustle, worn by Orangefield High School student Maci Edgerly:


(via Facebook)

I’m sorry, but are you fucking kidding me? Via Bustle, we learn that Maci’s sister, Erica, was the one who posted this photo and an accompanying paragraph about how unfair and ridiculous this is. It went viral garnering over 80,000 likes. An excerpt from the post:

”When you send someone home, you’re taking away from their education,” Erica wrote in the post accompanying the picture of her sister’s outfit. ”So I guess it’s more important for boys to not have distractions”¦ than a woman’s education.” Furthermore, she asserted that it contributes to the society’s emphasis on female appearance, writing that women ”feel insecure about their bodies”¦ beause [sic] you’re told your clothing is inappropriate even when you’re fully clothed.”

Can I get an Amen? Aside from the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Maci’s outfit, this sends a horrible message to young women. Just as Erica stated, the school seems more concerned with keeping boys from getting distracted than they are with Maci getting an education that day. Not to mention, teen boys these days do not need to ogle a fellow student in a perfectly acceptable outfit to be swayed from paying attention in class. Hey, dinosaur administrators — they all have the internet in their pockets and SPOILER ALERT — it’s full of porn and women in skimpy outfits. To suggest that a young girl daring walk the halls of their school in leggings is going to somehow stop them from being able to pay attention is ludicrous. If they are so worried, maybe outfit the boys with horse blinders so they can stop being assaulted visually by all the scandalous lady knees out there.

This is just another example of women and girls being held responsible for the urges and thoughts of men. This instance is extra infuriating because her outfit is not inappropriate to begin with, but every instance is upsetting because it seems to always be a female student being sent home. Unless a girl shows up to school in a bikini or something else obviously not appropriate for an educational setting, she should never be sent home for what she’s wearing.

I don’t disagree that schools should be allowed to have dress codes, as most places of work do as well. I do disagree with how many stipulations are in place for girls and how the “offenders” are handled. It’s not fair to girls that they should have to lose out on a day of learning because of what they’re wearing. School administrators need to consider long and hard the ramifications of taking away a girl’s right to be educated in order to protect the eyes of boys. It’s unfair and sexist in every way and it needs to be stopped.

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