The Best ‘Stranger Things’ Gifts On Etsy For All The Honorary Hawkins Residents In Your Life

OK, have you finished season three of Stranger Things? ARE YOU OK?? Because we are … not. Not even a little bit. No spoilers, in case you’re one of the six people who haven’t watched it yet. But let’s just say – the third season did a real number on our emotions. But, sadness aside, it was fantastic. And it totally renewed our complete obsession with that show. It’s just perfect! It’s suspenseful, exciting, dramatic, and really funny. Not to mention, incredibly acted, especially by the young actors who save the asses of everyone in Hawkins time and time again. We can’t wait for season four, but we’ll pass the time rewatching the first three seasons a few more times.

While we wait for the new season (ugh, why does Netflix take so long between seasons?!), we’ll need some Stranger Things merch to ease the pain. And, as with a lot of pop culture stuff, there’s no better place for that than Etsy! Whether you’re a fan of the show and want to add to your own collection, or you have an honorary Hawkins citizen in your life who needs some good stuff, Etsy has you covered. Here are some of the best Stranger Things gifts on Etsy right now! Hopefully they’ll help with our Steve Harrington withdrawals.

Your phone needs some Stranger Things love, too.

Image: Etsy/BlueWhaleUS

Oooooh, see, this is the perfect gift for any Stranger Things fan! The best part is, Etsy shop BlueWhaleUS has 21 different designs for their Stranger Things phone cases. 21! You could literally get them all and use a different case everyday for three straight weeks. They make cases for tons of different phone models – iPhone, iPod, Samsung, and even Google Pixel phones. The cases are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC) material, and the graphics are UV-printed for a smooth finish. Prices start at $11.99.

Um, we didn’t know we needed this, but we do.

Image: Etsy/NancysJars

No, that’s not just a retro throwback to the days of VHS tapes and using a pencil to rewind them. This amazing work of art is a lamp! This VHS lamp from Etsy shop NancysJars is the perfect piece of decor for anyone who likes to pretend they live in Hawkins with all their best pals. You have a few options for power (like batteries or USB), and you can even customize the label and light colors. If the artist has the artwork available, you can even request to have the matching case stand included. Prices start at $19.34.

Stranger Things accessories are a must.

Image: Etsy/ItsOKToBeHappy

We don’t know about your kids, but ours also share in our love for all things strange. And these little necklaces from Etsy shop ItsOkToBeHappy would make the perfect little gifts for them! There are six different designs to choose from, but we’re partial to the lights, the Eleven tattoo, and of course, the demogorgon. Prices start at $3.86 for the simpler designs, and $5.15 for the more complex pieces. The shop is based in the UK, but they do ship worldwide.

Did we already buy these? Why yes, yes we did.

Image: Etsy/SuperFashionStore

Our kids are obsessed with stickers, but not the paper kind. They have hundreds of those vinyl decals to stick all over their laptops, water bottles, and various surfaces throughout the house. And we have to admit to stealing a few of their decals for our own gadgets and water bottles! But now they’ll be the ones stealing from us, because we definitely bought this collection of 30 vinyl stickers from Etsy shop SuperFashionStore. At $5.70, we’d be idiots NOT to buy them.

Our days as mall rats might be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend.

Image: Etsy/LadyDiUniqueDesigns

We have to admit – our 80’s hearts did a little pitter-patter when we realized a bug chunk of the third season of Stranger Things takes place in a mall. And not just any mall! It was a mall straight out of our childhood, with all our favorite stores and food court staples. Made us long for the days of trawling the mall with $5 and a dream. So obviously we need this Starcourt Mall shirt from Etsy shop LadyDiUniqueDesigns. $17.00, comes in six colors and five sizes.

OK, so Hawkins isn’t a real place. But we’d visit if it was.

Image: Etsy/WindowShopGal

It’s probably good Hawkins, Indiana isn’t a real place. Can you imagine the hoards of people that would have descended upon the small town after the first season of Stranger Things?! Not to mention, we’d be pretty freaked out that we were living on top of the Upside Down. But that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend it’s real, and show a little love for our favorite fictional town. This Hawkins tourism poster from Etsy shop WindowShopGal can be yours in three different sizes, starting at $18.50.

Buttons are a great gift for the Stranger Things-obsessed in your life!

Image: Etsy/ShenaniPINS

Maybe stickers are banned in your house (we don’t blame you). But that doesn’t mean you can’t collect little pieces of Stranger Things merch to show your love for the whole gang! This set of 12 buttons or magnets from Etsy shop ShenaniPINS is perfect. The 1-inch buttons are perfect for backpacks or totes. Or you can use the magnets to display important artwork and lists on your fridge. The full set of 12 buttons is $6, and the magnets sell for $9.


Image: Etsy/RoseSoma

Listen, we’re going to be completely honest: we’re not quite ready to talk about Alexsei just yet. The third season introduced us to some of the best characters in the history of the show – smart-ass Erica, Steve’s partner-in-crime Robin. But it’s our favorite Slurpee-loving Russian Alexsei who stole our hearts and won us over. So we definitely need this Alexsei sticker from Etsy shop RoseSoma. It’s how we’ll remember him forever – chugging down his beloved cherry Slurpee with a smile on his face.

How about a Stranger Things/Friends crossover?

stranger things
Image: Etsy/VincentSLenihan

It’s like two of our favorite shows ever have come together! These shows couldn’t be more different, but lifelong friendships are central to both shows, so it works. Show your love for 90’s sitcoms and supernatural Netflix shows with this amazing tee from Etsy shop VincentSLenihan. It comes in size XS-5XL, and you can get it in six different colors. Price ranges from $17.99-$29.99 depending on the size!

OK, this poster is AMAZING.

Image: Etsy/SomethingToFrame

We love when creatives take two iconic things and mash them together into something epic. Pretty much everyone recognizes Van Gogh’s Starry Night, right? Well, Etsy shop SomethingToFrame saw it as the perfect backdrop for the terrifying Hawkins skyline when the Shadow Monster is near. This is so much more than your typical Stranger Things merch! It’s super creative, and somehow scarier than the image of just the Shadow Monster? We need it immediately.

Cross something off your back to school checklist with these awesome pencils.

Image: Etsy/CopperLetter

You have to buy pencils anyway, right? Might as well buy some that will add a little flavor to your kid’s writing assignments. This set of five pencils from Etsy shop CopperLetter features the names of the Fab Five: Dustin, Mike, Lucas, 011, and of course, Will in the Upside Down. It’s $6.50 for five pencils, and you can choose the pencil and letter color from a long list of options.

Wooooooow, these are amazing.

Image: Etsy/JKMBAZZ

We’ve always wanted a pair of custom Stranger Things shoes. But, seems as how we can’t paint for squat, our desire has never been fulfilled. Leave it to Etsy to carry just what we’re looking for! These hand-painted canvas shoes from Etsy shop JKMBAZZ are so amazing, we can’t even wrap our heads around them. The artist can create the scenes on a variety of shoe styles, from slip-on Vans to sneakers with laces. Prices start at $36, and you can even have your name added on the side for an extra $5.

We can’t ever work at Scoops Ahoy, but we can pretend we do.

Image: Etsy/WellOwlBe

Who would have thought that a Netflix show would leave us wanting to hit the mall and get a part-time job slinging ice cream? But such is our reality. Steve and Robin were integral to the story line in season three, as was their place of employment, fictional scoop shop Scoops Ahoy. After all, the break room is where they cracked the Russian code! Let’s all pretend we’re a part of their dynamic team with these name tags from Etsy shop WellOwlBe. One pin sells for $6.50, and you can customize it to have your own name.

Show some love for the girl power duo of Eleven and Max.

Image: Etsy/SleepingInTheDesert

Season three of Stranger Things was filled with some truly life-changing friend match-ups. Steve and Robin. Dustin and Erica. Dustin and Steve! But none of them came close to activating our inner bad-ass like the unlikely friendship between Eleven and Max. The two girls bonded over stupid boys (so accurate), and formed a super close bond. This sticker from Etsy shop SleepingInTheDesert is the perfect way to honor their friendship. It’s a 3-inch glossy sticker, and sells for $3.

Oh, Billy. We hated you, then we hated you some more, then we felt sort of sorry for you. And now we kind of miss you!

Image: Etsy/LeneLJewelry

We fully admit that Billy is not the most sympathetic of the characters on Stranger Things. He was a complete asshole in the second season, terrorizing his sister and Lucas. He was creepy and aggressive, and he didn’t fare any better in the third season. In fact, he was actually even worse! But we’ll admit to crying over the way his story ended, and we see no reason not to show him a little love by wearing his signature earring. This earring is sold for $15, by Etsy shop LeneLJewelry.

Know someone who’s crafty? And a little bit creepy? They need this.

Image: Etsy/OutlawHeartCreations

Listen, we know that the demogorgon is a bad guy. We know this! And yet … we still kinda love it. We didn’t love it so much when it ate Bob, but we all make mistakes, right? If you’re good with a pair of crochet hooks or know someone who is, you definitely need this demogorgon pattern from Etsy shop OutlawHeartCreations. Wouldn’t the finished product make the cutest little crib toy? We kid, we kid.

The most iconic line of season three.

Image: Etsy/EmiliaGraceCo

If you didn’t stand up and clap and scream when Eleven told Mike, “I dump your ass”, then we don’t know what to tell you. That was. hands down, one of the best parts of the entire season. Just because she’s only lived in modern civilization for a couple of years doesn’t mean she’s going to put up that kinda crap, Mike! We need this shirt from Etsy shop EmiliaGraceCo, and we need it now. It’s $18, and you can choose from a variety of shirt and font colors.

We love the line so much, we need this sticker, too.

Image: Etsy/RoseSoma

Sorry not sorry, but we’re obsessed with Feminist Eleven and her newfound badassness. Have we said this line approximately 192746 times since watching that episode, in every kind of situation you could possibly imagine? Guilty as charged! So when we’re wearing the t-shirt above, we’ll want to stick this adorable romper sticker on all of the flat surfaces in our home, too. You can get one for yourself and all your best gal pals from Etsy shop RoseSoma for just $3.60.

Another crossover alert!

Image: Etsy/ILKartstore

Was the best part of season three when Dusty Buns and Suzie Poo sang the song from The Neverending Story to each other over ham radio? Yes. Yes it was. That song might have completely gone over the heads of the youths who watch Stranger Things, but for us olds? Hit us right in the feels and took us back to our childhoods, lip syncing that song into our hairbrushes. So we all clearly need a t-shirt that honors one of the best crossovers of all time. You can get this one from Etsy shop ILKartstore for $17.99.

Two of our favorite things on the face of the earth, together at last.

Image: Etsy/NvrlndMrmdDsgns

Are Stranger Things and Disney even remotely connected? Nope. Do we care even a little bit? Nope. The last few years, people have gotten super creative with their own Mickey ears, but this one might be our favorite. You’ve got three of the most iconic Stranger Things things happening here: Eggo waffles, the rally cry from season one, and of course, Joyce’s lights. These ears from Etsy shop NvrlndMrmdDsgns start at $34, but for an extra two bucks, you can get them SYRUP SCENTED.

Let’s hear it for Steve Harrington!

Image: Etsy/totesdesign

OK, so Steve Harrington didn’t exactly start out on our laminated list. In the first season, he was kind of a d-bag, although he certainly redeemed himself at the end and throughout season two. But in the third season, Steve Harrington went from so-so to legit hero, and we love him for life now. Would we let him babysit our kids? Honestly, probably, yeah. So clearly we need this tote from Etsy shop totesdesign. And if anyone knows how to get in on the Steve Harrington Baby Sitters Club, let us know.

A little bit of pretty with A LOT of power.

Image: Etsy/MacyAnneDesigns

Looking for a way to pledge your love and devotion to Eleven, without actually tattooing the number 011 on your wrist? Not that we’re knocking that, we’re just recognizing that it might be a little extreme. So go for something in-between with this adorable silver ring from Etsy shop MacyAnneDesigns. The sterling silver hand-stamped ring comes in three sizes, and sells for $28.

Everyone loves pallet signs, right? This one is perfect for Stranger Things fans.

Image: Etsy/PlayWithYourWood

Those kitschy little pallet signs are everywhere nowadays. And while we’re sort of over some of them (looking at you, live laugh love signs), we’re ALL OVER this one. You wouldn’t necessarily want your house to be anywhere near the Upside Down, let alone actually live in it, but a sign could be fun! This pallet sign from Etsy shop PlayWithYourWood 10.5 inches x 22 inches, and carved out of 1/2 inch pine wood. An ebony stain is used on the background, and the letters are stained with a regal red color. All yours for $65.

A little something less obvious.

Image: Etsy/KLJHomeStudio

Sometimes, you want something to show your love for Stranger Things, but you don’t want it to be in-your-face obvious, you know? We get it! These absolutely adorable Morse code bracelets from Etsy shop KLJHomeStudio are perfect for that. The bracelets come in several different coded messages, like Upside Down and Friends Don’t Lie. Or, you can pick your own phrase and have it customized. Such a great idea, we need it now.

Never too early to start thinking about Christmas decor.

Image: Etsy/ALKcalligraphy

We’d be lying if we said we haven’t been brainstorming a way to completely switch out all our regular Christmas decorations and replace them with Stranger Things stuff. We realize it’s not technically a Christmas-themed show, and it’s sort of dark and dramatic. But we don’t really care! So of course, we’ll be buying this hand-painted Christmas ornament from Etsy shop ALKcalligraphy to start our collection off on the right foot.

Dogs deserve Stranger Things gifts, too!

Image: Etsy/2littlebostons

Maybe your best doggo buddy has a birthday coming up and you need some treats. Or maybe you want to thank them for snuggling with you during all the scariest parts of the show. You don’t really need a reason to get your dog some treats, though, let’s just be real. So go ahead and splurge on these insanely cute dog treats from Etsy shop 2littlebostons. The treats are made from whole wheat flour, peanut butter, vanilla, cinnamon, carob, and honey, and they’re iced with peanut butter and yogurt icing, so all doggo-friendly! You get 11 treats for $20.

New dream team!

Image: Etsy/Area901

We will always have a very special place in our hearts for the original Dream Team from Stranger Things. Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Eleven, and Will (with late edition Max) will always be the core group from the show. But in season three, a new ragtag collection of friends waltzed right into our chest and stole our heart right out from under our noses. Dustin, Steve, Erica, and Robin saved the damn world, and they should be honored appropriately with this shirt from Etsy shop Area901. Pick your size and your color for just $16.15.

You’ll need party favors for your inevitable Stranger Things party.

Image: Etsy/SunnysideToybox

If you’re like us, and aren’t exactly super creative or crafty when it comes to party planning, then you probably need a little help with stuff like treats and favors. Do yourself a favor and get this set of 50 mini candy bar wrappers from Etsy shop SunnysideToybox. There are 15 different designs, and you can even add personalization. The wrappers are glossy and self-adhesive and are made to fit Hershey’s Mini chocolate bars.

It’s funny because it’s true.

Image: Etsy/NerdyBabyClothingCo

We love babies! We had a bunch, so clearly they grew on us enough to keep it up. But if we’re being honest, they can be a little scary and slightly dangerous, so really, they’re basically adorable little demogorgons. This hilarious onesie from Etsy shop NerdyBabyClothingCo is perfect for the beastly little baby in your life. Works for girls and boys and all supernatural creatures. Now all you have to do is teach them to hold their own Eggo waffle. And not, you know, try to eat people’s faces.

OK, ending this list with the best thing we’ve ever seen.

Image: Etsy/3Dvisualsanddesignco

Is it weird? Oh, absolutely. Is it creepy? Without a doubt! Is it completely unnecessary? 100%. Do we need one on every shower head in our house? You betcha. This demogorgon shower head cover thing is from Etsy shop 3Dvisualsanddesignco, and we are so in love with it, we can’t even deal. It can be made in a variety of colors, and fits all 1/2 inch US shower pipes. Just imagine washing your hair under a demogorgon every day. You know you want one, too.

We’ll probably have a pretty long wait until season four of Stranger Things comes out. But at least we’ll have all the awesome stuff on this list to tide us over in the meantime.

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