The Best ‘Stranger Things’ Gifts On Etsy For All The Honorary Hawkins Residents In Your Life

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Another crossover alert!

Was the best part of season three when Dusty Buns and Suzie Poo sang the song from The Neverending Story to each other over ham radio? Yes. Yes it was. That song might have completely gone over the heads of the youths who watch Stranger Things, but for us olds? Hit us right in the feels and took us back to our childhoods, lip syncing that song into our hairbrushes. So we all clearly need a t-shirt that honors one of the best crossovers of all time. You can get this one from Etsy shop ILKartstore for $17.99.

Two of our favorite things on the face of the earth, together at last.

Are Stranger Things and Disney even remotely connected? Nope. Do we care even a little bit? Nope. The last few years, people have gotten super creative with their own Mickey ears, but this one might be our favorite. You’ve got three of the most iconic Stranger Things things happening here: Eggo waffles, the rally cry from season one, and of course, Joyce’s lights. These ears from Etsy shop NvrlndMrmdDsgns start at $34, but for an extra two bucks, you can get them SYRUP SCENTED.

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