The Best ‘Stranger Things’ Gifts On Etsy For All The Honorary Hawkins Residents In Your Life

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Oh, Billy. We hated you, then we hated you some more, then we felt sort of sorry for you. And now we kind of miss you!

We fully admit that Billy is not the most sympathetic of the characters on Stranger Things. He was a complete asshole in the second season, terrorizing his sister and Lucas. He was creepy and aggressive, and he didn’t fare any better in the third season. In fact, he was actually even worse! But we’ll admit to crying over the way his story ended, and we see no reason not to show him a little love by wearing his signature earring. This earring is sold for $15, by Etsy shop LeneLJewelry.

Know someone who’s crafty? And a little bit creepy? They need this.

Listen, we know that the demogorgon is a bad guy. We know this! And yet … we still kinda love it. We didn’t love it so much when it ate Bob, but we all make mistakes, right? If you’re good with a pair of crochet hooks or know someone who is, you definitely need this demogorgon pattern from Etsy shop OutlawHeartCreations. Wouldn’t the finished product make the cutest little crib toy? We kid, we kid.

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