Stranger on a Plane Saves the Day for Mom Flying Alone With Two Babies

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(Facebook/Love What Matters)

Flying with small children is terrible. Even handsome movie star Ryan Reynolds says he’d rather drink a bowl of hot liquid rabies than fly on a plane with his children. That’s why it’s so lucky that someone stepped up to help out a mother on a recent flight, because she was flying by herself with two twin babies under six months old.

“Flying with twin babies under six months old” could be the title of a horror movie, and it was particularly horrific for the mother in question, because the flight was extremely crowded. According to the Love What Matters Facebook page, the flight was so full that flight attendants were taking people’s carry-on luggage off the plane to check it. Bizarrely, that included this woman’s car seat. That seems like a very odd choice, because a car seat isn’t exactly a carry-on, especially not in this situation. It would have been put in a seat and used to hold one of the babies, not stuffed somewhere taking up precious overhead bin space.

Once they took away her car seat, this mother had no choice but to hold both babies. Then a flight attendant saw her sitting in her airplane seat holding two babies and said that she couldn’t possibly hold two babies throughout the flight, and that she’d have to leave the plane. (Again, maybe the other airline employee shouldn’t have taken the car seat away.) It’s not even clear what she was supposed to be waiting for. Was she supposed to leave the plane and come back when she doesn’t have two children? This whole thing sounds awful and also extremely stupid.

Fortunately, another woman seated in front of the mother turned around and offered to hold one of the babies for her, for the entire flight. True, the flight was only supposed to be a quick 45 minutes, but then they sat on the tarmac for two and a half hours. Still, that woman held the baby and gave him a bottle and kept him happy and entertained.

That woman was reportedly flying with her own young child, and when the little girl got fussy and started to cry, her mother said: “Our job is to help other people. This mom is all by herself with no help, and really needs another mom to help.”

Then she took care of the baby the whole flight and he never made a peep. That must have been such a relief for the poor woman with the babies. Flying with babies is stressful enough when the airline doesn’t take your car seat and then say you have to get off the plane because you have two babies instead of just one. She must have been so grateful when a woman she didn’t even know stepped up and offered to help her.

H/T Love What Matters