Straight Women Have Fewer Orgasms, So Thanks for That, Men!

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Orgasms aren’t necessarily the be all and end all of great sex. But they sure do help! A new study says that straight women have fewer orgasms than lesbian women (faking it doesn’t count). The Archives of Sexual Behavior published the study last week, and the results show that the female orgasm is real, and not that hard to find. Turns out, lesbians are having all the fun.

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According to the study, straight women have fewer orgasms than lesbian women. Gee, let’s see here. What could the problem be?

Researchers from Chapman University and The Kinsey Institute conducted the study. It was posted on, and had over 52,000 participants. The study focused on orgasm frequency in gay men, lesbians, and heterosexual men and women. In addition to frequency, the study looked into behaviors and and practices that impacted orgasm frequency.

Some of the information gathered from participants included sexual preference, race, education, and number of children. The study also asked about sexual behaviors; for example, participants answered questions about oral sex (giving and receiving), if they’d ever engaged in a threesome or taken sex-enhancing drugs, and if they’ve ever discussed sex with their partner.

The data shows that men were more likely to come than women (shocker). But it also identified a gap in frequency of orgasms between straight and lesbian women.

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88% of lesbians reported that they usually or always orgasmed during sex, compared to 65% of straight women.

For years (and years) men have complained that the female orgasm was hard to find. But, as it turns out, maybe they’re just looking in the right spot. Women know where that spot is! And a lot of straight women aren’t asking for it, as it turns out. The study suggests that women who had more orgasms asked for what they wanted, praised their partner for a job well-done, and tried new things (lingerie, positions, anal, anything is fair game).

But the biggest predictor of how often a woman orgasms? How often she receives oral sex. It’s kind of a big deal, guys.

According to the study, vaginal intercourse isn’t necessary for most women to climax; in fact, 80% of straight women who received oral, genital stimulation, and deep kissing said they almost always orgasm. However, the data shows that less than half of straight couples usually or always make oral sex a part of their routine. We’ve got to get that number higher, fellas. Learn from lesbians! And ladies, if you want to come more, ask for what you want, and get your man to go down on you. You deserve fireworks all the time.

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