Stove Top Created Thanksgiving Dinner Pants for Feasting Day

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Next week, Americans all around the country will gather together to fight with their racist relatives, drink too much, and eat themselves into unconsciousness. Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays, because it basically requires gravy and butter. But what does one wear to gorge on meat and carbs? Can’t wear jeans, too binding. Wear a dress and risk looking 6 months pregnant with a stuffing baby.

Leggings are always a good option, until your asshole Aunt Peg comments on how large your ass looks in them. Stove Top, makers of stuffing, understand the struggle. And this year, they’re bringing more than food to the table. Allow me to introduce you to Thanksgiving dinner pants. These are a real and actual thing, bless everything.

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Thanksgiving dinner pants make going back for seconds (and thirds, let’s be honest) easy and comfortable. Don’t worry about cutting off circulation to your lower extremities! These pants are expandable and made for the competitive Thanksgiving diner.

Stove Top is selling the pants (yes, 100% serious) on their website for $19.99. They’re … not great to look at, real talk. The maroon-colored unisex pants have a wide, stretchy waistband, which is printed to look like stuffing. Plus side: pockets! To hold dinner rolls. They are hideous and we want a pair immediately.

thanksgiving dinner pants

Image: Thanksgiving Dinner Pants

We’re equal parts horrified and jealous that we didn’t think of this first. Can’t you just picture an entire family sitting around the turkey in matching pants? Thanksgiving dinner pants are the new ugly holiday sweater.

Luckily, Stove Top is selling the pants for more than just publicity. The company is donating $10,000 to Feeding America as part of the campaign. Comfort AND charitable giving? They’re the perfect pants!

You can watch the video below to get all the details on these feasting pants. Don’t forget to place your order, we have a feeling this are going to sell out fast. We are all about the incredibly odd and hilarious products this holiday season.

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(Image: YouTube/Stove Top Stuffing)