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These New Rose Makeup Brushes Are Better Than Any Bouquet

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(Instagram / StorybookCosmetics)

Makeup has always been pretty and artistically designed, but for the most part brushes tend to look basically the same. Sure, there are differences in bristle composition, handle length, and whether the handles say “MAC” or “Chanel,” but for the most part a brush is a brush is a brush. But now a brush is a rose.

Storybook Cosmetics is a creative independent makeup company for makeup nerds who are also regular nerds. Their products are inspired by literature, and they don’t think a makeup brush has to be just a smooth handle with a puff of hair on one end. Their most recent “Witchcraft and Wizardry” collection included eye makeup brushes shaped like magic wands and a palette of eye shadows that came in a leather-bound tome that looks just like one of Harry Potter’s textbooks. Their big upcoming release is the “What’s in a Name Rose Brush Collection,” and the makeup brushes are actually shaped like roses, and they’re completely gorgeous.

The rose-shaped makeup brushes are not being produced in connection with Disney’s upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast, but they certainly fit in with that film’s aesthetic. One can picture Belle with a jar of rose makeup brushes on her dressing table. In Belle’s case, the brushes would probably be six nice housemaids who had been turned into makeup brushes because their boss was rude to a fairy once, but these brushes can just be purchased on the Internet and kept in a nice little vase that was never a sentient being.

These are so much better than real roses, too. Roses die. Rose makeup brushes are forever. (Well, not actually forever, but they can last for a decade if you remember to wash them regularly, which you should do because science says unwashed makeup brushes are disgusting and even potentially deadly.)

The rose brush set is expected to go on sale this spring, and the brand has been releasing teasers of prototypes on its Instagram page. The design is still being hashed out, but the bristles will be soft and dark red, and the handle will be a twisty green stem with leaves, thorns, and all. They’re sophisticated enough for the fanciest of grown-up makeup-wearers, and a kid who is old enough to be interested in makeup would probably also get a real kick out of them. You know their friends wouldn’t have anything like it.