Store Sells Tetris Shirt By Assuming Girls Fail Math

It may not be scrawled across a t-shirt this time, but the notion that girls are inherently dumb continues to pervade retail stores. Today’s culprit is a store called Life:Curated based in Brooklyn. In describing their silk Tetris blouse, Life:Curated assumes that their female customers never passed geometry, according to the accompanying copy.

The description of the blouse reads: “Just because you failed 11th grade math class doesn’t mean you can’t bring some geometry into your life with this Tetris print blouse.” Talking to young women like they’re stupid while also asking them to drop money on a $112 blouse is something only advertisers and retailers could get away with.

Given the price of this one, it’s more so something that your teen daughter, or perhaps you, would stumble upon. Nevertheless, Life:Curated demonstrates that sexist messages don’t need to be emblazoned on shirts to be just as present.


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