What Pregnancy Looks Like, According To Stock Photography

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183469715(ajkkafe / iStock / Getty)

Pregnant women also make convenient clotheslines. Clip baby socks to your underwear and smirk at those less ecologically-enlightened than you!

175201536(Blue Magic Photography / iStock / Getty)

Being pregnant is no reason to give up your live-action role-playing game, where your character is an elven sorceress who can shapeshift into an oriole when threatened by Orcs.

112146980(Andrei Zametelov / iStock / Getty)

Pregnant women need gentle exercise. And what better way to do that than to play a game of orange-and-frying-pan tennis in the kitchen? (Psst: be sure to roll your shirt hem up over your pregnant belly to help keep cool!)

176899251(Micro Works / iStock / Getty)

Uh-oh. It looks like Mommy was doing a lot more than just kissing Santa Claus.467615010(LoulouVonGlup / iStock / Getty)

On the list of things you were hoping to see today, this probably ranks somewhere below “coworker’s infected ingrown toenail”. Thanks a lot, stock photography.

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