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10 Cool Places To Store Babies, According To Stock Photos

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One thing that definitely only parents will understand is that it’s just so hard for the busy mom or dad-on-the-go to secure their child for maximum portability. They tend to flail and coo and wave their chubby little fists around. Ugh. Babies, amirite?

Well don’t worry because the stock photo industry totally has you covered when it comes to great places to shove or store your baby when you need them out of the way for awhile. For instance, when you’re vacuuming, putting stuff in crockpots, or sleeping while they sleep.

I want to go ahead and say “you’re welcome” in advance for all of these cool places to store babies, according to stock photos that I compiled for you. Really, don’t even mention it.

1. Your ugly purse. 

baby in pink purse

(Image: Roxana Bashyrova/ Shutterstock)

Don’t put babies in expensive purses, okay? Just get a Louis Buitton or a Fendo or something. Go to Charming Charlie’s and get yourself a baby toter right now.

2. Peeping creepily out of a box

baby peeking out of box

(Image: Biehler Michael /Shutterstock)

This is the face of a baby who has had about enough of your bullshit, okay?

3. In a stock pot.

baby in stock pot

Image: blessings /Shutterstock)

While it’s true that babies are delicious, did you know that babies are more delicious when you add some plastic carrots to the mix?

4. In an inexplicably mint-green tire.

baby in tire

(Image: blessings/Shutterstock)

I’m assuming it’s green because babies love pastels. It’s science.

5. Nestled in a violin case.

baby in violin case

(Image: Peter Jilek/Shutterstock)

I have a whole back story for the person who puts a baby in a violin case. They are smuggling this baby, the way one smuggles pure uncut Nicaraguan weasel dust. They don’t realize babies fly free on most airlines.

6. Wrap them in a pillowcase and hang them from a tree branch.

tree branch baby

(Image: Svitlana S/Shutterstock)

Baby, what are you doing? You are not a pillow. You are not a fruit. Get out of that tree, baby.

7. Suspended by the neck in a weird plastic bucket

baby in plastic bucket

(Image: Philip Lange/Shutterstock)

Just like nature intended.

8. Alone in a bed of scratchy ass hay.


(Image: Iryina Tiumentsva/Shutterstock)

If it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for your kid.

9. In a crib that is way too tiny for their little bodies.


(Image: FamVeld /Shutterstock)

You can tell by this baby’s face that babies love it when you cram them into plastic doll cribs. Try it once. They’ll be hooked.

10. Just throw them away.

baby in trashcan

(Image: Syda Productions/Shutterstock)

I wish I had a joke but my soul feels dirty after image searching “baby in trash can”.

(Image: Biehler Michael /Shutterstock)