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10 Images That Prove Stock Photographers Have No Idea What A Working Mother Is

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6. I forgot a few things.


altafulla/ Shutterstock

I forgot milk for this bottle, clothes for my baby, and to drop this thing off at daycare. Mommy brain strikes again!

7. I’ll be right with you.


Zurijeta/ Shutterstock

Yes, I’m listening. Can’t you see I’m a working mom? I have to bring my baby to work and feed him during meetings.

8. Conference call, baby.


Diego Carvo/ Shutterstock

If we could get rid of this glass table that would be great. It’s not ideal since I need to have my baby in my lap all day at work. Safety first!

9. Don’t forget you have a baby at home.


KPG Ivary

I just bring all of this stuff to work with me so I don’t forget I have a baby at home that I love. 

10. I’m so focused on work I forgot to dress my baby.


Taraskin/ Shutterstock

I managed to get a suit, button-up shirt, tie, and various accessories on my body — but forgot that my baby is totally underdressed for the business meeting I’m bringing him to. Silly me! You really can’t have it all!

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