When It Comes To Baby Showers, Always Stick To The Registry

141467578__1383667951_142.196.156.251Baby showers. I’m sure some people really enjoy them. I had one for my first child and it was really lovely – but I have to say it felt a little awkward. It was the first time in my life I’d ever accepted gifts on someone else’s behalf. It was kind of like standing in for someone who couldn’t be bothered to be there to receive their Emmy.

When we were expecting our first child, I spent hours deciding on just the right things for the registry. Of course, I really had no idea what I needed – I had never stocked a nursery before. I knew what I had – which was nothing – so I just went from there. I chose practical things like diaper genies and teething toys. I agonized over whether he would need a rocker, a bouncer or a swing. I spent hours looking at the cutest little baby outfits and was immediately told by veteran moms not to register for clothes, People always buy clothes. Don’t register for them.

All of my friends who had been moms insisted that I would get a ton of clothing at my baby shower. I responded,

No – I hear you. I won’t register for them.

Well, they’ll buy them anyway. No one sticks to the registry.

Huh? Why was I spending hours trying to figure out what I needed if no one was ultimately going to care?

Then, a few months before my child was due, I went to a friend’s baby shower. We sat in a circle to open the gifts. Box after box opened of adorable little newborn outfits emerged. I was seriously jealous of this baby’s future fashion sense. ¬†After the shower, I hung around to help clean up. My pregnant friend was surrounded by a few functional items and a mess of cute little newborn outfits. She was screwed.

Here’s the thing – cute little newborn outfits are amazing and hard to resist. Little Mary Janes, little Polo shirts, little tutus – who can stop themselves from buying those? I’m here to implore you to do just that. If you are attending a baby shower, resist the urge to buy whatever the heck you want for the sake of cuteness. Especially if it’s your friend’s first baby and especially if she is strapped for cash.

The baby shower is a gesture of love and support – but it it’s also incredibly functional for those who need help preparing for baby. Try to remember that whenever you attend one. Your friend may actually really need the things she picked out.

(photo: Getty Images)

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