STFU Parents: Parents Who Get Explosively Angry About Fourth Of July Fireworks Need To Chill

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5. Yahoo Neighbors

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Once you start muttering terms like “yahoo neighbors,” you’ve officially turned not into your dad, but into your grandfather. Rather than age himself 25 or 35 years, Alex ages him about 65 years. And Daniel, try as he might to appear rational, can’t help but throw in a little bro-speak. “Now, if they are still doing it come Monday, then we’ve got an issue.” Yeah, dude. Come Monday, someone’s gonna bring the pain! But really, though, if your neighbors are still shooting off fireworks 3 days after the Fourth, how about just going over to their place to try to talk to them about it? Fireworks enthusiasts, much like gun enthusiasts, can actually be reasonable people when they’re not busy shooting stuff. Sometimes you just have to level with them IRL. Especially since complaining online won’t change a thing.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Enjoy — or don’t enjoy — your weekend!

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