STFU Parents: Do Viral Pictures Of Babies Pooping On Their Parents Encourage Other Parents To Overshare?

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7. The Professional Photographer


Last but not least, we have an example like this one, which was (and still is) shared publicly on a professional newborn photographer’s Facebook page. First, I want to say that Amanda Andrews is apparently a talented photographer who takes many, many pictures of teeny tiny newborns lying on soft blankets and wearing darling little hats. But I can’t help but wonder if she posted this picture solely to amuse her core fan base on Facebook, or with the conscious hope that it would get shared several million times and bring publicity to her business? Not that there’s anything wrong with taking advantage of a good opportunity — after all, those viral photos were shared by everyone from your Great Aunt Shirley to CNN — but should pictures like these be used as a marketing tactic? (Also, I understand that skin-to-skin is great for newborns, but did this (obviously elated) dad really participate in this photo shoot shirtless? What’s up with all the shirtless dads?!)

Generally speaking, these pictures are funny. And everything goes viral for a reason. But when it comes to viral pictures of parents being shat on, is the appeal really in the image, or do aggregators just need more content to churn out for traffic purposes? Is there still room for more projectile poop humor, or is the internet already constipated with baby poop? It’s possible the main reason these types of viral photos get shared so widely is because everyone is just hungry for more content, even if that content involves a shooting stream of liquid diarrhea. Perhaps that says more about us as internet consumers than anything else.

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