STFU Parents: Heart-Shaped Love From Parents On Facebook This Valentine’s Day

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5. Mom’s Gold Star


This is a cross between a disgusting example that I might criticize on STFU, Parents, and a hilarious ode to Valentine’s Day, baby style. When most people say, “Ugh, Valentine’s Day literally makes me feel like barfing,” they don’t say it with real authority. At least, not compared to this baby, who really, TRULY feels like barfing. But the main reason this picture gets a Gold Star is because the parents took the image and ran with it. They didn’t leave the caption something cheesy like “We’re just grateful to have this sweet little man in our lives this Valentine’s Day!”, because they knew they had an opportunity to mock the holiday instead. And they did a pretty good job of it, too. Well-played, John and Jenny. You two lovebirds made a baby out of love, and then that baby vomited all over Valentine’s Day. Your work here is done.

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