STFU Parents: The 5 Types Of Back To School Mothers On Facebook

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Because I’m never one to shy away from a theme, this week’s column fits right in with Back To School Week on Mommyish. (I also wrote about back to school-themed submissions last year here and on my blog; who remembers the “hoochie mama backpack”?!) This year, I’ve received a nice cross-section of submissions to showcase once again the range of thoughts parents share on Facebook about the new school season. School means different things to different parents, and for me the amusing takeaway is that it’s easy to tell what kind of parent a person is based on what she thinks about the return of school. For instance, I’ll never forget this post from a couple of years ago on STFU, Parents when I came to understand that some parents view school as more of a “bummer” than as an opportunity for education and growth. Facebook can teach us a lot about these varying perspectives, and today I’ve compiled five of them for your consideration.

1. The Sanctimommy

I’m torn between not understanding what the hell Jennifer is talking about and thinking that she’s a snooty bitch. I think she’s saying that if you’re a parent and you’re excited to see your child begin a new year of school, you’re “too eager” to “get rid of them” for eight hours a day. Which, I think we can all agree, is somewhat insane. It’s important to not only let go of your kids when they start a new school year, but also to be excited for them. Show them that school is fun, and back to school shopping marks the beginning of a new year of learning. And don’t judge parents who are content with their kids being out of the house each day. They’re not “unappreciative” of their children. They’re just happy to have some scheduled time off.

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