STFU, Parents: 5 Reasons I’m Thankful For The Cool Parents On Facebook

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5. Going For The Obvious Joke

stfu parents

ZING! Sometimes all I want to read on Facebook is a good zinger. Sarah’s joke may be corny, but it’s also funny. She takes a typical complaint people rant about on Facebook (and in general) and gives it a humorous spin. If all parents did that, I’m not even sure STFU, Parents would exist! I applaud her attitude and her ability to make the “Children for sale” joke (or the “My children are driving me insane” updates) fresh and entertaining. She’s pleading ignorance, and it totally works to her advantage.

Thanks to all the parents who are included in this round-up, and to all the cool parents out there who are “making a difference.” My inbox thanks you, too!

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