STFU, Parents: 5 Reasons I’m Thankful For The Cool Parents On Facebook

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1. Turning An Inopportune Photo Opp Into A Funny Facebook Story

stfu, parents

Back in college, I took a film class that explained that part of the mastery behind Hitchcock movies was the way he didn’t always expose everything. The shower scene in Psycho is the most popular example, but he made use of this device in most of his horror movies. That thinking runs completely counter-intuitive to today’s approach, where everything is put on full display at all times. We are no longer a “less is more” society, and that fact is made especially clear on social media. That’s why I love Hannah’s update so much. Not only did she not take a picture and plaster it on the internet for everyone to see, but she allowed her friends to use their imaginations and envision (possibly in a more hilarious way) what her kid looked like stuck in the wine rack. She did the “right thing,” but then she made a joke out of it. Well done.

2. Real Talk: Worried Mothers Edition

stfu parents

What Jennifer is saying is easier said than done, but it’s also an amusing observation on an otherwise serious subject. Mothers do feel guilty for missing some of their kids’ lives when they work so much, but at the end of the day, they probably shouldn’t. After all, kids love their parents when their parents make an effort, and that has nothing to do with a specific amount of time spent together. Plus, the less time kids have with their parents, the more time they have to hone their fart noise skills.

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