STFU Parents: Should Parents Get Preferential Treatment At Drive-Thrus?

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5. Woe Is Mom


I’m assuming Dan is a stay-at-home dad who is sassy and hilarious, and I’m assuming Erin is having a bit of an “off” day here. Nevertheless, she sounds like a bitter jerk. Judging people for choosing to stay on the phone and go through the drive-thru is one thing, but fat-shaming them is another. Here’s a mind-blowing concept: Don’t go through the line at Dunkin’ Donuts if all you want is a hot tea. Make it at home (takes about 10 minutes), or patiently sit in line and accept that the last shock on earth comes in the form of a lazy person in the drive-thru at a doughnut shop. Take a tip from Dan and put your gripe in perspective. If the biggest irritation of your day so far is another person waiting in line for breakfast, you may want to skip the hot tea and sanctimony and go straight for the Boston Kreme.

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