STFU Parents: Poop Art On Facebook Isn’t Winning Any Awards

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5. In The Studio

5. smiling

What I enjoy about this photo is that it looks like Leanne’s daughter is wearing a smock she’s been painting in for years. And she’s even got that bright-eyed, passionate, flaky artist look to her, much like my high school art teacher did. But adorable haircut and charming hippy-dippy attitude aside, this picture is a nightmare. No one needs to see it, and even though Red is correct — this photo has all the “makings” (pun intended) of future blackmail material — it’s pretty nasty as far as poop art goes. Abstraction appears to be Leanne’s daughter’s forte, but next time she should consider using something like washable crayons instead of her own night soil. If not for the sake of her own artistic reputation, then for the sake of everyone else who’s friends with her mom on Facebook.

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