STFU Parents: Performing Pregnancy: Have You Grown a Baby Today?

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4. Conceptual Art


Van, would you accept my invitation to prom? Because I want to take you out on the town for some dancing and spiked punch after reading that comment. Rachel is having a “woo woo” moment here, out loud, on Facebook, and she might want to tone it down before she’s squandered her child’s entire college fund on a crystal garden. Indeed, it’s amazing that creation happens in the body without putting forth much effort. But if you’re already talking about “the depths of anatomic capacity” before the baby is even born, things are only going to get more philosophical after the revelation of childbirth. Spoiler alert: A baby makes its way through the birth canal and it’s the most magical thing anyone could ever conceive of. More magical than any art installation, if Rachel can even believe that. If I had to place a bet, I’d put it on Rachel using Facebook Live to invite everyone to experience this momentous occasion together in real time, just like that woman who gave birth in a gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She, too, said “she sees human life as ‘the most profound work of art,'” so obviously this groundbreaking notion already has some serious fans and practitioners. Maybe Rachel will make a series of placenta prints to commemorate this inner connection.

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