STFU Parents: Paternity Tests And Dramatic DNA Disclosures On Facebook

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5. No More Waisted Time


Aw, this is GREAT, I’m so thrilled to hear that Jay is 99.99% Jaydiah’s father, because it would’ve been pret-ty awkward if he wasn’t! WTF kind of name is “Jaydiah” anyway? Did Amanda have the baby and say, “Hey Jay, before we get a paternity test to prove that this new baby is actually yours, why don’t we go on and call her Jaydiah? That way, she’ll HAVE to be yours!”? It seems like a strange thing to name a baby if the results had come back and said she wasn’t Jay’s baby after all, but luckily, for everyone involved, she is! I just love a storybook ending. Mazel tov, you responsible, wonderful parents. Glad to hear that Amanda is raising several future leaders. No more waisted time, indeed!

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