STFU Parents: Paternity Tests And Dramatic DNA Disclosures On Facebook

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4. PSA


Summer is not impressed with Bryant’s confession. I’m not too impressed with it, either. Yes, Sarah sounds like a piece of work, but when you “don’t support” your own supposed baby before a paternity test can prove she’s not yours and you already have TWO children with the baby’s mother, you’re a jerk. And how is it all Sarah’s fault that her and Bryant’s kids are in foster care? Can these two morons please get their shit together or take the drama off Facebook? I check my newsfeed hoping to catch a new video of a puppy on a skateboard, not so I can witness my friends’ nervous breakdowns over their shitty exes. Bryant’s situation sounds rough, but talking to a social worker or a shrink would probably be more helpful than ranting online to anyone who will listen. When you rant on the internet, you don’t always net the kinds of sympathetic comments you’re hoping for. You just get Hidden from your friends’ view.

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