STFU Parents: Paternity Tests And Dramatic DNA Disclosures On Facebook

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2. The Realest Bitch On Facebook


Kristina isn’t a nasty ass trifling whore from Calvert County, so her closest friends and family should stop talking about her like she is. She communicates EXTREMELY WELL with Delontae and doesn’t need any drama from MORE THEN 10 DIFFERENT family members to be floating around, especially on Facebook! Don’t start no Facebook shit, there’ll be no Facebook shit. That’s Kristina’s Facebook message for everyone involved. STOP TALKING ABOUT HER AND DELONTAE ON FACEBOOK, or she will be forced to bring it up on Facebook. And for everyone who keeps gossiping, just know that Delontae CAN GO GET A DNA TEST DONE but has simply CHOSEN NOT TO. He COULD if he wanted to, but Kristina has repeatedly told him that HE DOESN’T WANT TO so that’s THAT. But keep talking cus the birds is relaying the messages and the chirps aren’t far from Kristina’s ears. She’s the realest bitch Delontae’s ever had, and that has to count for something.

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