STFU Parents: Parents Who Show Off Their Bad Tattoos On Facebook With Gusto

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5. I’m Blind Now.

5. TerrifyingFinally, we have the tattoo that I stared at for at least three solid minutes while gripping a glass of wine so tightly it almost broke. This is fucking scary. And what’s even scarier is Jodi’s enthusiasm, because she’s the one who’s going to see this thing more than anyone else. This is truly the gruesome tattoo interpretation of “kids rip your heart out, man,” and that is not a compliment. At least Jodi’s husband always has a go-to Halloween costume at the ready. I’ll give him that. I guess if you’re going to tattoo a pair of baby hands ripping through your chest to expose your beating heart, you may as well go whole hog and look like you’ve been violently assaulted. Makes sense. And hey, as long as Jodi and her husband love it, isn’t that all that really matters?

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