STFU Parents: Parents Who Show Off Their Bad Tattoos On Facebook With Gusto

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 4. Tattoos Aren’t Trashy, These People Are Trashy.

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I’ll let the submitter explain this beaut: “This woman is a tattoo artist. This is a picture of a tattoo that her 3-year-old put on someone else. I think her brother? Aside from the fact that it looks like spider veins, it kind of makes me uncomfortable (and I’m a heavily tattooed person myself).” Well, Submitter, perhaps you’re uncomfortable because this makes a mockery of the skill that goes into the ancient art of tattooing? Or perhaps you’re put off by the fact that in most states, it’s illegal to HAVE a tattoo before the age of 18 without parental consent, much less give one. Either way, I agree with you about the spider veins.

But back to that whole “age threshold” thing…

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I wanted this exchange to be fake. I wanted it to be fake so badly, until I read the submitter’s email which confirmed its realness. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that this dad is possibly-seriously asking where he can get his 2-year-old toddler her first tattoo, but somehow America still manages to shock me every now and then. Cheers to this idiot and his moron friends for keeping me on my toes.

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