STFU Parents: Parents Who Show Off Their Bad Tattoos On Facebook With Gusto

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 1. Baby Feet 

1. baby footOne of the most popular tattoos parents get to commemorate their kids is of their children’s feet. Without being a tattoo art historian, I’m going to go ahead and assume this idea was originally adopted from the tradition of getting baby foot prints in hospitals, which came after the centuries-old tradition of bronzing baby shoes. Baby feet are symbols of childhood, so it’s no surprise so many people get them tattooed on their body. The odd thing is that you’re getting a body part tattooed onto another body, and the even odder thing is when parents opt to get a baby foot tattooed on their own foot. In theory, this is supposed to be charming. A tiny foot on a bigger foot! Very meta. Until that baby foot turns out to look like a cross between brass knuckles and a penis, and you’ve just gone and made your foot look fuglier than you ever could’ve imagined.

Of course, most people get their child’s baby feet tattooed somewhere more generic, like their back. While this idea doesn’t tend to go awry as much as the foot, because the surface is flatter, the execution is still going to be hit or miss.

2. baby feet

Is this the most precious tattoo you’ve ever seen? Or is it kinda eerie? I’m sure once the redness fades, it won’t appear as painful, but right now Allison’s shoulder looks like a branded piece of meat. It’s the shoulder of a victim on Law & Order: SVU. Let this be a lesson to consider waiting until the swelling goes down before posting any pictures online.

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