STFU Parents: Parents Who Displace Their Pets Because They Have A Baby

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5. Mom’s Gold Star: Venting Edition


This update was written by my friend Evie, who has two kids but still knows a line of mommy bullshit when she reads one. It’s even sadder when it comes from a neighbor, because who wants to feel like they’re living next to a misguided mama bear whose version of ‘baby protection’ is displacing her 6-year-old cat? It’s nice to see a parent as enraged as I am about people throwing away their animals. Triplets or not, we owe it to our pets to try to stick it out for the long haul. But if worse comes to worse, and you find yourself penning a letter about getting rid of your cat for reasons best described as “shaky” and worst described as “evil,” I don’t think it’s asking too much to use punctuation. Try to look like you care, if not the for the sake of your friends, then for the sake of your soon-to-be abandoned pet. They deserve the dignity of punctuation AND proper grammar—if not the unconditional love of their owners.

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