STFU Parents: Parents Who Displace Their Pets Because They Have A Baby

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2. “Very Social Always Wanting To Be Near Us, Which Is Unacceptable”


Just look at the pleading look in that sweet kitty’s face. “Why are you getting rid of me, Mom? Did I not purr enough for you? Was I not cute enough for you? Did you somehow decide that it’s morally defensible for two people to adopt a kitten, watch it get a little older, and then completely abandon it once they have a baby? Why would you adopt me in the first place? If I love to be loved, don’t you think I would love to be loved by your new little baby? Don’t I deserve that, since you gave me a home? All I want to do is sleep in the sunshine, but I’m too much work for that?”

NOPE. Seriously, what kind of person gets rid of their lovable cat BEFORE there’s even an issue with a baby? This person doesn’t DESERVE that sweet face. Good luck with your baby, you assholes!

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