STFU Parents: Parents Who Displace Their Pets Because They Have A Baby

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1. “He’s Good With Kids, So We’re Getting Rid Of Him”


There’s an inherent catch-22 when you offload a dog and have a baby, because you want to shout, “He’s a great dog, awesome with kids, will probably love your kids (yes, you!),” but then you’re essentially admitting that you’re just not in the mood to deal with your dog anymore. If the dog is so great with kids, why can’t you keep him around? Hasn’t M. seen all those pictures of dogs and babies? Has she seen this Vine of a dog tucking in a baby? It’s the cutest thing I saw all week. If you’re going to re-home 2-year-old (still a baby!) Tyson just because you now prefer your much smaller human version, then that makes you a terrible dog owner. So yeah, I guess find Tyson a new home. Hopefully his new owners won’t decide he’s not worth their time and energy in two years, because that would suck! As if M. gives a shit!

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