STFU Parents: Parents Who Take All The Bloody Fun Out Of Halloween

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6. Mom’s Gold Star



Aaaaand here comes Samantha with the mic drop. I love everything about her reply to Kim’s sanctimonious horn-tooting. She’s basically like, “Oh really? You donate your kids’ extra candy to mission in Mexico? ‘Cuz what we like to do is pilfer all the good shit from our child, fill an empty jumbo coffee can with candy, and just work our way through it piece-by-piece while watching ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ in bed. But um, cool, yeah, your way works, too, if you’re the type who thinks it’s a noble act to donate $6 worth of drugstore candy to a homeless shelter. Good on you, lol.”

Thanks for the laugh, Samantha. I prefer your method.


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