STFU Parents: Parents With Road Rage on Facebook Terrify Me

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4. Grade AAA Asshole

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Ah, who doesn’t love a dad who calls himself psychotic as a term of endearment? There’s nothing like a fired up, aggressive dad who sees himself as a full-time bodyguard for his daughter to get me cheering in the stands! This guy Michael sounds downright heroic. He’s paid LOTS of money to AAA over the years, only to be rudely instructed of some policy by a bitch who deserves to have her small intestines made into shoe laces. Did that call center cunt not recognize that it was Michael’s DAUGHTER who blew out a tire on 2nd avenue? Was she somehow “unaware” that this was MICHAEL’S fucking daughter who needed help, and not just a random Joe Schmuck? She’s lucky that Michael didn’t follow the tow truck to the car repair shop and then immediately figure out a way to hunt her down in her stupid, pathetic job where she gets paid to tell protective fathers what their plans do and do not afford them!! Does this bitch not realize that Michael plays by MICHAEL’S rules, and that if his daughter — who may or may not be covered by AAA herself — ever needs assistance again, she will get it, and she will get it PROMPTLY? I hope this bitch knows who she was talking to. You don’t mess with a protective dad who happens to be crazy enough to slip into your bedroom window and cut your throat while you sleep. Everybody knows that.

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